EAC Saved my Life!

I came across EAC after my seemingly "normal" life took a turn. In mid 2021, my baby daughter was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, and I found myself lost and drowning in fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. A good friend of mine who had done the work referred me to EAC, and my life changed

I’ve spent a good portion

I’ve spent a good portion of my life hiding who I really was because of all the shame I had with my appearance. Growing up I was told to be everything I was not because it didn’t fit the social norm. So without knowing, I was putting on several masks throughout the years to please

Create the life you want

I had taken the Discovery workshop back in May 2018, and can boldly claim that it wasn’t just a weekend “high”. All the breakthroughs and tools that I had gained has proven results and changed my life. My once anxiety-filled life, has now transformed into a peaceful, purposeful, & grounded life. I was able to


I took the Discovery and Transformation workshops about 4 years ago. By looking inward and taking responsibility for my results I have since been able to level-up in almost all domains of my life. The workshops supported me in discovering my blind spots - my own self imposed limitations in business, health and relationship of

Life Changing

Discovery and transformation was a life changing experience for me. It helped me realize why I kept getting the same results and pattern in my life. No matter what I changed. I learned about playing in my comfort zone and the key is consistently expanding it so that I can experience new things in life.

Before I started doing this

Before I started doing this work, I had always come from a lot of self-judgment and guilt. I didn't even realize how deeply ingrained these mindsets and behaviors were for me until I took the Discovery and Transformation workshops. The insights and epiphanies that I experienced are what I practice now every day of my

It’s been about 3 years

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve taken my first workshop. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made so I’m coming to leave a review that it deserves. I was very skeptical and hesitant at first because I felt I had done something very similar to this before and didn’t get much out

My experience at EAC completely

My experience at EAC completely transformed my relationship with myself and my family. Their workshops and programs have provided me with the tools to show up in life the way I want to and make a difference in the lives around me. I am forever grateful.

If I could choose a

If I could choose a definite turning point in my life, it would be when I was introduced to EAC. Before coming into the work, I felt trapped within my anxiety. Yes, I meditated, took medication, exercised, had hobbies, and relationships, but it always returned to a state of anxiety. Going to the workshops helped

Thank you EAC Team for helping me see clearly!

There are so many people who came to mind during my Discovery workshop who could use such an experience to awaken and transform. The trainer and the training is far beyond any church, therapy, session etc. that I have experienced. It is an evolutionary process that takes place within a few days with incredibly people

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