Discovery and transformation was a life changing experience for me. It helped me realize why I kept getting the same results and pattern in my life. No matter what I changed. I learned about playing in my comfort zone and the key is consistently expanding it so that I can experience new things in life. The workshop helped me overcome my fear of rejection and failure and to be aware of myself.

Before the workshop I was very isolated and closed off. Now I see my self being more open and connecting with people around me. I don’t feel alone, I feel loved, I feel happy. This definitely helped me, my relationship with work and most importantly my marriage. I encourage anyone and everyone who wants something more, better or different in life to take advantage of this workshop and dive in. The cherry on top of this is I have not lived paycheck to paycheck since I’ve taken the workshop AND lost 30 pounds and got me into fitness and the dream body I always wanted. All it took was for me to apply the things I’ve learned.

This work made me realize that I can be the best version of myself everyday! And that it’s an active choice I get to make. It’s never too late to be where you want to be. Thank you EAC for helping me realize this!

Aaron Moon