Our promise is to deliver learning tools, education, and a space of freedom of expression to individuals eager and rigor to break through in any area of their life to create the results they desire and deserve.  Educational Awakening Center proudly stands as a pillar of commitment, integrity, and excellence!  Our trainers and staff are committed to be a space for you to expand your self-awareness, awaken your inner power, and create the life you desire!  We are here to serve you!  Your goals and dreams will not tolerate mediocrity, neither should your encouragement team.

  • Highly trained and Committed Trainers and Coaches that deliver in excellence.

  • Safe and honest space to support your confidentiality.

  • Integrity of morals and respect for every human being.

  • A team trained to deliver and act on keeping their promise to be their word for you to WIN.

The best experience I’ve ever had in a self growth context. It was an adventure that changed my life in all areas for the better. I completed the courses some time ago and still stay involved because of the impact it had on the relationships with my loved ones (Especially my wife and kids), financial world, and health. I’m grateful and want to give back the gift I received every chance I get.

Kyle M.

This was hands down one of the best investments I have made in my life. Like many people, I was content with where I was in life- I had a good career, great friends & family, a loving partner, and health. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted more passion, confidence, happiness, clarity and deeper connection with myself and other people. I desired all of these things but I didn’t know how to get them. EAC gave me the tools to open up the possibilities in my life and have everything I ever wanted. I am no longer just content- I am happy, joyful, passionate, confident and alive. I wake up every day feeling amazing!

Jenny K.

I am a 47-year-old married man with three kids.  Three years ago, after being on an emotional roller-coaster, I got evolved in this life changing experience called “Discovery”. Going through the workshop I discovered how much I had in my life, as well as what I was missing out on. Going through Discovery and the rest of seminars EAC provides, I learned to look at life and myself in a different way. I learned not to take my relationships and people around me for granted and most of all I learned not to judge others and especially not judge myself. I thank EAC everyday for the tools that it gave me.

Ramin Noble