Q: How should I prepare for the workshop(s)?2020-06-17T00:35:54-07:00

A: Once you register for the workshops, you will be sent a list of things to prepare for prior to and during the workshop (i.e. snacks, comfortable clothing, jacket, etc.) But the most important thing you can do for yourself to prepare for either of the workshops is to bring with you the following:

  • – A genuine desire to learn and discover
  • – An openness to being coached
Q: Where are the workshops held?2017-07-15T11:56:47-07:00

A: Educational Awakening Center’s workshops are primarily held in Los Angeles. 

For a schedule of upcoming workshops, check the online calendar or contact the Educational Awakening Center office at (818) 705-6979 or visit our website at www.EACSeminars.com

Q: What is the tuition for the workshops?2017-07-15T11:55:56-07:00

A: All tuition information is provided online (also available on Registration form).

Q: How do I register for the “Inner Child” or “Discovery” workshops?2017-07-15T11:55:20-07:00

You may register via the website or by attending an introductory “orientation” (if available in your area).

For further assistance, please contact the Educational Awakening Center office in Los Angeles at (818) 705-6979 or visit our website at www.EACSeminars.com.

Q: What results are produced in the workshops?2017-07-15T11:54:44-07:00

A: Both workshops provide an environment in which you are able to recognize opportunities to choose different ways of thinking and acting that empower you to live the life you want to live. You gain a new freedom to set aside assumptions and beliefs about yourself and the world around you that limit what is possible.

The workshops generate a wide rage of benefits in all areas of life. The following are particularly noteworthy:


  • – Through greater confidence and self-esteem, you open yourself to a trust and vulnerability that allows for genuine intimacy in all areas of life.
  • – You become less concerned with the approval and opinion of others.
  • – You become more comfortable and at ease with others, and will be better able to express your thoughts and feelings, both  publicly and privately.
  • – You embrace a new appreciation and love of yourself and others, which directly contributes to the people closest to you.
  • – You will embrace a better relationship with parents and family members.


  • – You can free yourself from the limits of “what everyone knows” can be done, and get a new focus and momentum to the commitments you hold.
  • – Your vision expands, and you are able to find opportunities and solutions that were previously unseen… and act effectively to bring the possibilities of the future into the realities of today.
  • – By looking at situations from a different perspective, your job becomes more enjoyable and satisfying.
  • – Life will become more enjoyable to you.


  • – You rediscover yourself as the author or navigator of your life, rather than an observer or passenger “along for the ride”.
  • – You strengthen your ability to declare your commitments, express them in action and deliver what you intend.


  • – As your relationship with yourself and others is deepened, and as your ability to accomplish is increased, you discover your uniqueness and the gifts that you have within you. You will find yourself naturally eager and able to make a difference in your environment – with your family, your job/career, your community, and indirectly … the world.
Q: Does it make a difference which workshop I take first?2017-07-15T11:54:10-07:00

A: Although neither of the workshops have a pre-requisite, we have found that individuals who have attended the “Inner Child” workshop first, are likely to receive more out of the “Discovery” workshop. Also, they become more familiar with family dynamics and how their belief systems have been formed.

Q: How do the “Inner Child” or “Discovery” workshops differ from traditional education?2017-07-15T11:53:38-07:00

A: Passion, self-confidence, creativity, commitment, energy, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfying relationships are all central concerns of adult life. Yet, none of these is fully available to us strictly on an intellectual level. They must also be experienced. Our workshops have been developed specifically to be experiential, in which you are invited to participate fully in exercises that have been designed to allow you to see how the choices you make affect your life. The combination of personal inquiry, breakthrough processes, presentations, and expert one-on-one coaching offer a unique opportunity for effecting change that is unavailable from books, lectures, or simple discussion with friends.

You participate with others in a structured series of exercises, conversations, and games that are metaphors for life. You come face-to-face with many of your unexamined practices and assumptions about life that invisibly shape your beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships.

In the workshops presented, you gain tools, and the ability to use those tools, to transform all the events and situations of life into a process of constant learning, expansion, growth, and development.

Q: How do I know if the above workshop(s) are for me?2017-07-15T11:52:55-07:00

A: Whatever your reasons to enroll, “Inner Child” and “Discovery” workshops alike provide a stimulating and nurturing environment in which you discover the path to a life you treasure and love. Then they offer you the tools to navigate that path successfully. The following are some of the most common reasons people choose to attend the Educational Awakening Center’s workshops:

  • – To get in touch with what really matters to you
  • – To regain your energy and enjoyment of life
  • – To be more productive in life, and improve your overall effectiveness
  • – To gain a new perspective of life, and where your priorities lie
  • – To gain a better understanding of your abilities and limitations
  • – To be more committed/motivated and pursue what is important to you
  • – To get a better understanding of relationships, how they work, and the part you play in them
  • – To enhance communication and relationship with family, friends, etc.
  • – Become closer and more intimate
  • – To get a clearer sense of direction in life
  • – Stop procrastinating
  • – To move forward in a different direction than you are in life
  • – To create a more powerful future than the way it seems likely to be
  • – To be happier than you are today
Q: Why should I take any of Educational Awakening Center’s workshops?2017-07-15T11:52:18-07:00

A: Each and every one of us, at one point in our life, will realize that we want more out of life than what we have before us. However, in a lot of cases, when we attempt to make a positive difference in our lives, we are unaware that the techniques we use to do so are the same ones that got us there in the first place. That is where Educational Awakening Center comes in.

Educational Awakening Center’s workshops will teach and guide you to find new and more powerful ways of being in life which will dramatically change the way you see yourself, your loved ones, your surroundings, and the world in its entirety. Through time and practice, you will find the confidence you need to pursue life to a higher level, and the opportunity to figure out where you are in life, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there.

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