It’s been about 3 years since I’ve taken my first workshop. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made so I’m coming to leave a review that it deserves.

I was very skeptical and hesitant at first because I felt I had done something very similar to this before and didn’t get much out of it. But the way they land the concepts in the training is unlike anything I have experienced. I definitely had my moments of breakthroughs in the workshop but the results I’ve had in the past few years is more than I felt in a lifetime. What I’ve struggled with the most were relationships. Or just with others but most importantly the one with myself. With the tools I’ve been digging deep to find who I truly am cause I was lost for so long living underneath all the anxiety, anger, doubt, lack of self love and confidence I have put on over the years. I’ve been able to look beyond that and tap into the core of everything I wanted in life which shifted how I view myself and the world around me. I’ve let go of the pain of abandonment that’s been blocking my relationship with my mother and father who I haven’t had a relationship with in the past 30 years and now we’re talking and meeting each other. I’ve been able to physically overcome my own doubt of what I think I can achieve or have discipline in. I’ve also been working on creating trust and authentic relationships that I’ve always wanted. I’m very grateful to have trusted my friend and jumped into this opportunity for myself. Forever grateful to EAC.

Jennifer Oh