Before I started doing this work, I had always come from a lot of self-judgment and guilt. I didn’t even realize how deeply ingrained these mindsets and behaviors were for me until I took the Discovery and Transformation workshops. The insights and epiphanies that I experienced are what I practice now every day of my life. There’s no limit to the value this work has brought to my life. How powerful and impactful it’s been on my relationships with others and my relationship with myself. The amount of healing, growth, and self-acknowledgement I’ve garnered is invaluable. There’s no way to put a price on it. This was the second chance I was looking for, without even realizing it at the time. I’m so grateful that I had an opportunity to take part in this, and I continue to apply what I learned day to day. I’ve learned to love myself, to appreciate the gifts in myself and others, and how to be someone that I’m proud of, first and foremost.

Jonathan Choe