I came across EAC after my seemingly “normal” life took a turn. In mid 2021, my baby daughter was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, and I found myself lost and drowning in fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. A good friend of mine who had done the work referred me to EAC, and my life changed seemingly overnight. I had never done work like this before, and had never considered myself one to need “therapy” or any kind of mental health treatment. However, EAC helped me realize behavior and thought patterns in my life that were not serving me, and guided me to better ways of thinking that changed my outlook in life. Taking Discovery and Transformation not only supported me, it saved my life and made everything better for me, my wife, and my daughter. Now, anxiety and fear no longer rule my life, and I am grateful to Sam and Ariya for all their amazing coaching and lessons and they’ve imparted. Thank you EAC for all that you’ve done for me and for everyone you’ve touched!