The work provided, for those who are hungry, is extremely effective and powerful. The only thing is theyre just there to provide the training, you have to step up and be accountable for your own experience. If you half ass the work you’ll get a half ass result. It will only take you as far as youre willing to go, I came from oregon after living in a gym for 3 years, i shit you not. The work was so powerful i decided to stay and complete the rest of the courses. The workshop has provided me tools to karate-chop the throats of my bad habits and negative beliefs. I am close to my way of being successful, independent and powerful in all aspects in my life. At first i thought the program was only after my pocketbook but they kept pushing for me and everyone in the room, which made me almost want to quit multiple times. I am glad i didnt. The people running it are like magical and elusive unicorns blasting positive energy out into the group. They got your back like a butt-crack as long as you are being receptive to the training and committed to empowering and changing your life. I highly recommend it, y’all.

Rye-dawg Dean