Where do I even start to explain or describe the breakthroughs & awarenesses I experienced during my Discovery, Transformation & Leadership courses I took back in 2011 with EAC seminars. I went into these workshops with NO expectations, I really had no idea what I was getting into. But I did know one thing I was more than ever ready to experience something I had never experienced before. I open heartedly started my transformation surrounded by a group of supporting and loving staff members & an incredible coach who dedicated all his energy and passion into making sure each one of us had out breakthroughs. I had moments where I was very skeptical and would try to convince myself that this couldn’t be real, how could I have never experienced this before in my life? Whatever the reasoning was I put that behind me and let myself dive into it. After doing my trainings and being at service for a few years I was able to really take everything I learned and incorporate it into my daily life. My personal life, my family, my career and mostly the relationship with myself was changed forever. My level of awareness and being present with others opened up and I started to see life more clearly. In 2014 I started my own business after being in the fashion industry for 12 years I was ready to call myself an entrepreneur. That in itself was scary but I knew it felt right deep down. In the 3-month leadership course I learned structure, partnership, communication, dedication and mostly commitment. This affected not only in building my career but all areas of my life and realizing how important my work was not only to others but to myself mostly. In the last year I have grown my business organically and have created a successful, growing company that I am very proud to call my own. I am very grateful to the EAC family for there love, commitment, and dedication to support others through there transformation. The memories will always remain from my trainings and I will forever hold them close to my heart. Thank you EAC!

Peggy Khoucasian