Looking back, my goal for Discovery was to live the best life possible. By surrendering and letting the workshop take its course, I emerged feeling a new sense of faith in possibilities for the greatest most powerful, compelling visions for my life. I have no doubt it can be created as I know the success of me lies in how I show up for myself and others. I have gained clarity about the past, future, and present- oh what a gift it is!

I am deeply grateful for the commitment and the breadth of this work. The result can be found in all of us who are reaching out to others in hopes that they choose the path of creating and recreating an extraordinary life.

I knew this class would be beneficial to my life but what I experienced and what I continue to experience is incredible. Part of me is speechless- A part of me can’t say enough and in the midst is on-going growth and continued self-discovery.

Kristen Mehran