I remember how resistant I was to taking this work and sitting in a workshop for three and a half days. Right from the onset, I realized everything I was hearing made a lot of sense. The first experience that I got out of my Discovery workshop was the ability to let go. Watching others get their breakthroughs was both an inspiration and an encouragement. I realized that I had reached a pivotal point in my journey of awareness and self discovery. There is more to this life than what we have been limited to see. Limited by years of coping with life events which leave our vision tainted and clouded against clarity. This work is like wiping the fog off the glasses through which I see myself and life with.

And then the work begins. Getting a glimpse does not eliminate or stop our strong tendencies to be “Comfortable”, and “Arrogantly Right” in our ways. I could honestly say since January 3, 2008, every day has brought new awareness and insight. And, this is the beginning of my journey. I will only know how far I can go, if I’m WILLING to go far. The farther I go the more lives I will touch. That’s the difference.