I just attended the Discovery and Transformation workshops this past October 2016 and they completely changed my life. I have done a lot of personal growth work and attending many different workshops and seminars, but nothing compares to EAC seminars. I had one of the most powerful experiences of my life, besides giving birth. I got to truly experience myself as a confident, powerful, worthy, trusting, loving, peaceful, fun, happy, free, woman! which is something I have been wanting to experience for YEARS! unlike most seminars, EAC is completely experiential and helps people not only understand how they’ve created their current circumstances, but you experience the choice to choose a new path moving forward to create the life you want. The transformation I witnessed not only in myself but in all the other people was remarkable. I have connected on a deep level with new people, and created new friendships that I will never forget. You walk out there, never wanting to leave and missing everyone involved. The trainer is beyond amazing because he is so committed and passionate about his work and helping lives. The staff is all amazing and they care about you and your breakthroughs. It’s worth every penny and I recommend it to everyone!!!