I was probably the easiest person to enroll into the Discovery Workshop.  All my cousin needed to say to enroll me was, “You will fly and it will change your life.”  But, little did I know exactly how true that was…

For me, taking the Discovery Workshop was about healing and letting go.  I had been numb for seven years.  My family had gone through a traumatic life changing experience of my sister nearly drowning in the jacuzzi of my parents house. She was unable to walk, talk or eat by herself.  I hated the universe and I was certain that the universe hated me.  I pushed everyone away and felt completely lost.  The Discovery Workshop helped me find the tools I needed to be responsible, accountable and to take ownership of my life. I noticed my role in life and how I was playing in my own life and with people that I built relationships with.  I learned how to see through new filters of love and acceptance.  I realized that by hating the universe, I was really only hating myself. This way of being did not serve me and therefore, the pain I held onto for seven years, I let go in those five days.

After Discovery… there was no question that I would enroll in Transformation.
Transformation changed my life.  I learned how to shift into different beings depending on which being I needed to be in that moment.  I learned the significance of giving away what I wanted for myself. I learned about being authentic with myself and others. Transformation helped me realize which areas of my life didn’t feel complete and therefore the classes helped me find the tools to complete all areas of my life that didn’t feel fulfilled; for example, my relationship with my parents and with my education, etc…

The Leadership program guided me on how to make my visions turn into reality.  During my leadership program, I found the career path that would change my life forever. I created goals and I committed to making them come true.  Through this program, I realized my passion for working with children with special needs. I applied to a University, got a job and moved out of my parents house. I never thought school was for me.

I was always the student that felt lost in class. But through my leadership program and through my commitment, I got my Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Leadership is about committing to your word and vision regardless of any circumstance or internal conversation that may show up on the way.  I was always a believer that just one person can make a difference in this world.  When I think of my experiences during these workshops, I think of great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Jesus or Moses.  These great leaders had many circumstances and internal conversations that could have blocked them their visions but their commitment to their vision was much greater.

That’s what these classes gave to me. The gift of being in greatness. The gift of being a leader.