My journey began two years ago when a group of friends encouraged me to take this self-discovery course. I was 36 years old, wife and mother of two wonderful boys. I was content and comfortable with my life, but always felt that there’s something missing. I was curious to what this course could offer me, being a psychology minor in college, I decided to put my ego aside and give this class a try.

The first course I took was Discovery. I got hooked on the technique that was used and released so much pain that I was holding onto from the past that it even helped me pass a kidney stone in the process. Next I moved onto Transformation. This class showed me where I was in life and where I could be. It revived a dead soul that existed within me. I saw for the first time what living is all about. I then continued to Inner-Child, where I saw how I was still waiting for permission to live the life I wanted to live. I then connected to a child within me that died many years ago with her sister. Finally Mastery, where I saw the third dimension of life and where spirituality comes from; a deeply spiritual and uplifting experience. Being a student of Kabala, This course just made it all so much clearer.

You may ask where I am right now. I am where I’m supposed to be and I love every minute of it. I am living a life where every day I discover something new about myself. I am more aware of my life and my surroundings than ever before. It doesn’t stop just at me. My husband and children are learning through me. My home is harmonious and in sync. The best part of it is that I have learned how to give of myself to people and yet get back so much more.

Life still has its ups and downs. I enjoy the ups and deal with the downs as a learning experience. We ask God for direction and God gives us signs from all directions – we just have to be aware to catch his signs. This class was one of those signs for me.