I participated in Discovery, Transformation, and Leadership almost 4 years ago and my life completely changed paths ever since. I always had an inkling there was more within me, but I could not get in touch with that mysterious inner voice. I initially took Discovery to have a closer relationship with my family and through that I also realized that there was tons more that came to surface! The courses gave me the courage to go back to grad school and complete my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I currently am a practicing therapist and loving the work I am able to bring to children through getting to know myself better. Ultimately Sam’s compassionate, direct, and intuitive nature brought forth many parts of myself that I had been hiding from and am now able to live and express them fully. So, if you are looking to have a closer relationship with YOURSELF, then I without hesitation recommend taking Discovery and find out how colorful your truly are!

Silvy Khoucasian