My experiences of the EAC workshops are difficult to put into words. It seems like a cliché to say things like “life changing…..incredible….dramatic”. Actually, words don’t do it justice. My impression is – you need to experience it, you need to feel it, you need to be in it – to get it!

Before Discovery, my first workshop, I thought I had a great life. Great marriage, great kids, very loving and nurturing family environment, good job, excellent relationships, childhood, friends. And now, the way I live my life doesn’t compare to how I lived before. Everything is so much more meaningful, my relationships are deeper, my communication with my wife and daughters is incredible, I show up more powerfully as a leader at work. I could go on and on…

Being in this space makes me realize that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible. Truly, anything is possible. And we all need a coach – in whatever we do. To me, having a great life is not enough – I want an EXTRAORDINARY life. These workshops, this space, the people in the space, and Mark Somen – all are going to take me on the journey for EXTRAORDINARY!