Before going to Discovery, I considered myself to be invincible. I always told everyone that over time I had become perfect and that no one or no thing could hurt me. The truth that I was ignoring was the fact that I had put up many layers of armor over my heart. The problem with the armor is that it was on all the time, restricting me from being able to open my heart to others. Since my heart had been so layered up with armor, I felt incapable of loving or being loved, but Discovery opened my eyes to all the possibilities in life. I felt myself as a loving and loveable man, which greatly enhanced the intimacy of many of my relationships. In Transformation, I enhanced the tools for success that I had received in Discovery and I gained new ones as well. I was able to break out of my comfort zone and achieve things that I never considered possible for myself. I was able to feel myself as being peaceful, loving, lovable, passionate, confident, worthy, beautiful, and happy whenever I needed to be. By experiencing Discovery and Transformation, I have become able to open my heart to others. Also I am now able to work through the rough times life has and will throw in my way without shutting down and going back into my shell.