My EAC experience from the Discovery class to the LP program gave me a raw insight on the habits I carry out on a daily basis that even I was unaware of. Yes, believe it or not there are decisions that we make everyday that we chalk up to circumstance when in reality there is little left to coincidence. It was like having a mirror stare at me in the face and at first I didn’t recognize that it was my own reflection staring back but when I did, I had the power to change the outcomes of everything I put my hand on. How it has changed my life is that it’s given me the realization of why things are the way they are in my life and enlightened me to the fact that very little that happens as a result of luck. Most all of it is because of my habits and decisions, some decisions that I didn’t even know I was making because of my lack of self-awareness. I have a stronger grasp on my life and I decide what happens and take responsibility for what doesn’t. Very empowering experience but not for the weak minded.

Kathy Salem