A couple years ago I went to lunch with a friend i use to work with. She was super excited and energetic about a training that she just completed. I was very curious as she was always outgoing but something was different about her. As she spoke to me about her overcoming some personal obstacles, I was intrigued. Within a few weeks I was sitting in my first training. To be honest I had no idea what to expect. I was really in for a life changing experience. Now I know that sounds cliche but I cannot deny that where I am at professionally, emotionally, and spiritually all stem from breakthroughs I had in the courses. If I had to some up all of my breakthroughs into one sentence It would be something like “Choose to win” or “Don’t be afraid to lead, but there is no shame to know when to be lead”. With the tools I discovered in these training supported me in transforming my life and the connections with my family, the people I meet professionally and romantically. EAC’s was a journey more than a run-of-a-mill training seminar.

I went from being a independent contractor for websites and computer repair, to a few years later being a co-founder and CTO of funded startup. Due to the confidence and the ability to enroll others to my vision, I now have several offers a month to start new businesses or to be an advisor. I really owe my success to the expedited results of a environment of consistent breakthroughs.

Thank you for all that I have met, all that have supported me, and all that I have supported because of my newly formed relationship with the EAC family.

Dirk Dodson