I’m not one to embark on self discovering journeys. I don’t make leaps of faith and until recently, I considered myself immune to anything that remotely resembled a breakthrough. Meditation puts me to sleep and yoga bores and frustrates me.

I reluctantly agreed to enroll myself in the Discovery Workshop and had no expectations. For four days, I lived an unforgettable experience. It was a roller coaster of life. The interactions that took place within the class led me to some life transforming realizations.

This work has led me to believe that there is no relationship too dead to be revived and no love too cold to be warmed. I was touched, moved and inspired. I left the workshop with a number of practical tools that continue to improve the quality of my life. As a result, my relationship and communication with my wife of 9 years has reached levels that I never thought possible. Love and excitement are now so present in my life. And, my six year old son reaps the benefit of our interactions.

Chris Zogopoulos