A: Passion, self-confidence, creativity, commitment, energy, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfying relationships are all central concerns of adult life. Yet, none of these is fully available to us strictly on an intellectual level. They must also be experienced. Our workshops have been developed specifically to be experiential, in which you are invited to participate fully in exercises that have been designed to allow you to see how the choices you make affect your life. The combination of personal inquiry, breakthrough processes, presentations, and expert one-on-one coaching offer a unique opportunity for effecting change that is unavailable from books, lectures, or simple discussion with friends.

You participate with others in a structured series of exercises, conversations, and games that are metaphors for life. You come face-to-face with many of your unexamined practices and assumptions about life that invisibly shape your beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and relationships.

In the workshops presented, you gain tools, and the ability to use those tools, to transform all the events and situations of life into a process of constant learning, expansion, growth, and development.